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Te Eitei: The Banaban Story

Te Eitei: The Banaban Story 2007


In December 1945 the entire population of the small Micronesian island of Banaba or Ocean Island were loaded onto a ship and taken to a new island. The 1,003 men, women and children who were forced to leave their homeland were mostly sick, malnourished and still recovering from the horrors of WW2. This is their story, a tale of determination, strength and survival.

Each year in December, Banabans living on Rabi Island (part of Fiji) celebrate their unique cultural identity with a week of celebrations. The festivities include Banaban cultural displays, sports events and provide a venue in which Banaban elders pass on the history of their people to younger generations. Te Eitei: The Banaban Story is an emotional and deeply moving account of the Banaban people, their history and their determination to overcome.